Initial Consultation

If you are considering treatment for yourself or your child, please feel free to call us. We can provide a free initial phone consultation to discuss your concerns and to see if we are a good fit. 


Individual Therapy

Often, patients benefit from weekly individual therapy or weekly family therapy. However, depending on your individual needs we may tailor your treatment plan to include more frequent or less frequent visits. 


Parent Training

FTD psychotherapy also offers parent training, or parent consultation appointments. If you are hoping to improve your relationship with your child, or improve discipline strategies at home please ask about this service when you call. 



We will be offering a variety of psychoeducational groups for parents, and social-emotional groups for children and teens depending on the current need. Get in touch to discuss groups that are currently accepting new patients. 


School Observations and Consultations

School observations and teacher consultations are often part of a complete assessment and treatment plan. 


In-home therapy

Some patients are not a good fit for therapy in our office and may benefit from services provided in the home. These services are offered on a case-by-case basis and when clinically indicated.